What is Pomade?

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Lots of my friends always wondering what is Pomade. And seems it is not really well known yet in Malaysia. And hope this article can help to increase the awareness.

First, why people like Pomade so much, and how can it helps to turn your messy hair become slick and shine. Generally, if you Google - "Pomade", you should able to find 2 types of Pomade seamlessly selling in the market. And choosing the right Pomade for your hair types & suit your preferences could be a tough decision to make sometimes.

"Pomade is a hairstyling product that can be of a greasy and/or waxy consistency allowing you to achieve your desired look" - Reddit

Here are some common yet stylish hair style that you see men's do to their hair nowadays. And you may wondering what is the products are they using to style such a clean, slick & stylish hair.




Slick Back


Side Comb
















more... all just depends on how creative you are to use it and apply to your hair.


Oil-Based Pomade

This is what people usually named it. Sometimes people might name it as Grease or Petroleum Pomade. Generally, Oil-Based Pomade are water-insoluble, which means it is hard to rinse with water only. People who use Oil-Based Pomade, we called them Greaser.


  • Look shine all day long.
  • Makes your hair healthier (Only for those ingredients have high quality oil - e.g: Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and etc).
  • It never truly dries which means that you can easily restyle it throughout the day.
  • Cheaper
  • Can easily DIY at home.

Products (Example):


Water-Based Pomade

Inspired by Oil-Based Pomade which gives you similar effects after apply. Most importantly, majority of the Water-Based Pomade are water-soluble. Therefore, it is super easy to rinse with water only. Besides that, different brands of Water-Based Pomade comes with different pleasant scent (e.g: Layrite Pomade comes with Vanilla Scent, Suavecito Pomade comes with Cologne Scent). Nevertheless, Water-Based Pomade is much pricey when comes to pricing.


  • Look shine and hold all day long.
  • More convenient and super easy to rinse with water only.
  • Make your hair hold and become hard after apply.
  • Pleasant scent

Products (Example):


However, Oil-Based Pomade & Water-Based Pomade both have their pros and cons. And different people having their own preferences. Pick the one you think suit you the most and try it out :)


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