BYE BYE :' )
We are truly happy to have you guys be with us throughout the years of journey! We went through the high and low, also has been receiving numerous awesome feedback from customers which motivates us to move forward. But this time, we have to raise the white flag :' ) This pandemic hits us hard, while we are writing this, it already taken millions of human lives away, same goes to businesses, and we are no exception from this close down tsunami. Here, we are here to officially announce - 01-Jan-2021 onward, Kudos Pomade the brand is no longer serving the community. Please be aware if you guys later come across any private sellers or businesses with the same or similar brand name to do selling. Bear in mind, it is definitely not us, hence please be extra careful when doing online shopping. #takegoodcare #staysafestayhome #letsbreakthechain #kitajagakita #everyonewillbefine